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Paul Ferguson

Paul Ferguson (CFP) has over 15 years experience as a financial planner and advisor, most extensively in group benefits.
Paul Ferguson was the Vice President of Columbia Chemicals Inc., Controller of St. Lawrence Cement and he sits on the Mississauga Community Living Board.

Paul is very active in the community and does extensive charity work with The Mark Preece House, Theatre Aquarius, Dundas Valley School of Art, Mississauga Community Living, and has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for them.

Financial Professionals

The Advisors at the Ancaster Financial Centre pride themselves on offering simple solutions to often complicated insurance, investment, retirement, estate planning, and tax planning problems.

They work collaboratively with their clients and their clients’ own professional advisors to tailor needs-based solutions to better equip them to prosper no matter what life throws at them. 

Business Owners and Professionals

Looking for information about Employee Benefits? Group RSP’s and Pensions? Individual Pension Plans? Tax Free Corporate Estate Transfer? Look no further — our Professionals can help you. 

Individuals and

How much life insurance do you really need? What type? What is the difference between Disability Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance? We have the answers. 


Are you tired of paying too much tax on your investments? Do you want CRA to be a beneficiary of your estate? Do you have cash stranded in a Holding Company? These are but a few of the tax matters we can help with. 


How do I keep the cottage in the family? What about the family business? What is the best way to pass money to my beneficiaries? How do I avoid making CRA one of my beneficiaries? These are important issues — talk to us, we know the answers.


How much do I need to save? What interest rate do I need to earn? What should I invest in? What is the retirement risk zone? If you would like the answers please contact us. 


How much can I spend each year so I don’t run out of money? How do I minimize risk and protect my capital from market downturns? Which assets should I spend first? 

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