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The individual advisors of the Ancaster Financial Centre offer their clients a range of services depending on the needs of each client and the expertise of the individual advisors. While it is not possible to provide a complete listing of all of the services provided, you will find below an overview of some of the most common.

Business Owners and Professionals
Running your own business or professional practice provides a great deal of opportunity and freedom, but with it comes many challenges. The individual advisors of the Ancaster Financial Centre provide many services to their clients who fall into this group including Employee Benefit Planning, Individual Pension Plans (IPP's), Estate and Business Succession PlanningTax Free Corporate Estate Transfer, among many others. Contact your advisor for more information.

Individuals and Families
Do you wonder how much life insurance you really need to take care of your obligations to the ones you love? Or do you want to know what's the best type of life insurance is for your situation? What's the difference between Disability Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance? Do you need either? What about Long Term Care Insurance?

Tax Planning
Canada is one of the best countries in the world in which to live. However that quality of life is not is paid for with taxes on earned income and investment income that, without proper planning, can reduce the value of your future wealth.

If you invest your after tax dollars (dollars that in Ontario may be taxed as high as 46.4%), and make money on your investment, you have the pleasure of paying taxes once again on the income you earn from the investment. There is another way.

There are ways to reduce or eliminate the tax you pay on income earned by non-registered investments. Also, proper planning can ensure that one of your main beneficiaries on death will not be CRA. What about getting income from your non-registered investments and paying no tax for 15 years on that income? Does that interest you? These are but a few of the Tax Matters that the individual advisors of the Ancaster Financial Centre can provide expert advice about.

Estate Planning
Do you want to maintain the value of the assets that you have built up over a lifetime and ensure they can be passed on to the next generation intact? Do you have a family business that through your hard work and perseverance has become quite valuable? What about the family cottage? Is it important to you that it continue to be a family gathering place for future generations? How do I benefit a charity that is important to me and at the same time look after my family?

These are some of the Estate Planning matters that the individual advisors at the Ancaster Financial Centre can help find the solution to. In alliance with the Tax and Estate Planning (TEP) experts at the various insurance companies, your advisor can help craft an appropriate plan that will ensure that your financial priorities are met and CRA will not be your main beneficiary.

Retirement Planning
One of the key services that the individual advisors of the Ancaster Financial Centre provide is to work with their clients to develop a retirement plan. A retirement plan can provide answers to such important questions as:

  • How much do I need to save each month or year to reach my future goals?
  • What interest rate do I need to earn on my investments and what do I need to invest in to get it?
  • What is the retirement risk zone and why does it matter?
  • How much should I have in my RRSP vs. my TFSA or are other investments better suited for me?
  • What government benefits are available? Will they be there when I need them? How do I qualify?
  • What retirement benefit can I expect from my pension plan and how does it work?

This is important information to have so that you can make the right decisions now that will have a tremendous impact on your financial future. The individual advisors of the Ancaster Financial Centre can answer these questions for you.

Post Retirement Planning
You have worked very hard over a long career and saved wisely. Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and do the things you never had time to do while you were working. What you need now is a plan to help you spend your hard earned assets, but in such a way that you don't run out of money too soon, or conversely have so much left over that CRA gets a big chunk.

A comprehensive post retirement plan can answer such questions as:

  • I have an RRSP, TFSA, do I minimize my tax and maximize my government benefits?
  • How do I protect my income from inflation and market risk?
  • Should I buy an annuity? What other options are there so I don't run out of money?
  • I want to see my children enjoy their inheritance while I am alive. How should I do that so I can minimize my income tax?

Your advisor can properly structure a post retirement plan that will allow you to enjoy the twilight of your life without having to worry about these issues.

No Offer or Advice
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You should seek professional advice prior to investing as individual financial situations are different. 

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